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Fitness Monitoring with Polar

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Fitness Monitoring, exciting news for the club.

Head of Physical Preparation, Coach Jason St Clair Newman has bought in to the club along with the recommendation of Coach Jose Rodriguez, the Polar H7 team system for helping to monitor levels of fitness and intensity at trainings of the Under 14 and Under 15 teams.

The system is very simple and monitors in real time a child’s heart rate via a heart rate monitor as we carry our our normal training sessions.

It allows us as coaches to monitor the entire squad on an individual basis as they train and get feedback how they are responding to the training on the spot.

Through an Ipad application I am able to feedback to the coach how each player is going during a drill and whether some are pushing too hard, going too easy or they are in the right zone to train their fitness optimally.

Because it is individualised, we can see how each player responds, how quickly they recover and be more accurate in how we train them, avoiding doing too much, too little or identifying players who may be tired and responding in unusual ways and giving them more rest or questioning them further.

Quite often things like a bad night sleep, not enough food, or if they are feeling unwell will come through on the system and having this we are able to address that more accurately.

We firmly believe using the heart rate monitoring will give us an edge in helping the players stay on top, and progress the club forward.

If you want to know more about this here are a couple of links of the App in Action

Polar UK

Youtube Breakdown


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