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Our best players are recommended to Footwork Management

Footwork Agency

Empowering Players, Elevating Careers: Your Success, Our Passion

Footwork Management Agency serves as a vital intermediary between players and the complex world of professional football. At its core, the purpose of this agency is to act as a trusted representative for players, safeguarding their interests and advancing their careers in a highly competitive industry.

This involves a multifaceted approach encompassing contract negotiations, legal support, and strategic career planning. By leveraging their expertise and extensive network within the football community, agencies aim to secure the most favourable contracts and endorsement deals for their clients, while also providing guidance on important decisions that impact their long-term success.

What you get

Talent Identification

At our academy, we prioritise nurturing exceptional talent through careful recruitment, rigorous training, personalised coaching, and competitive opportunities. Our coaches closely monitor each player’s progress, identifying those with exceptional potential for professional success.

Selection for Representation

Once a player excels at our academy, they become eligible for the Footwork Management Agency, that is specialised in talent management and player representation. This agency provides professional guidance to navigate the complexities of the football industry.

Career Advancement

Upon signing with this football agency, talented players access numerous opportunities for career advancement. This agency offers crucial assistance in securing trials, negotiating contracts, and facilitating transfers to top academies.



FW offer a range of features and services designed to support the needs of their football players.


In addition to FW’s main services, they prioritise building strong and enduring relationships with players.



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