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Sunday Competitions, Under 6’s to U11’s

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Sunday Competitions in South London

To allow our players to have as much practise as possible we have organised our own EFA – Football League as a Sunday Competition.

We want to make this a lot of fun for the kids so we have decided to play small sided competition games.

Small sided games have the following advantages:

  • More repeated touches of the ball by all players.
  • More attacking 1 v1s.
  • More shots on goal and technical skills by goalkeepers.
  • Repeated decision making experience.
  • More active participation is directly related to fun and enjoyment.
  • Better success rate leads to better self-esteem and self confidence.
  • The game is easier to understand.
  • Freedom of expression – no positions in early stages.

With no intervention of the coaches, the players can put in practise what they learn in training during the week.

The coaches will then assess their learning and be able to organise the sessions according to the players needs.

This will have a cost of £6 per Sunday.

If you bring a friend for the day who is not signed with the Academy it is £10 for the two players in total.

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