European Football Academy

Day 1 – May, Sporting Lisbon Camp

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Day 1 May Sporting Lisbon CP Camp

– “Youngest group of players we have taken across”

The most young group of players ever taken to Sporting of Lisbon Academy left London this morning unquestionably eager to reach their long desired destination. 

Amidst the journey, we soon understood that modern technology and sugar added foods were going to be two opponents that had to be tackled in order to fully experience this quest. 
Once at the training centre, our boys soon understood that the life of a professional academy player is full of responsibilities, routines and, if proven worthy, treats. 
Everything is carefully planned to teach them that football at this level requires full teamwork and commitment that extends beyond the pitches. Their teammates suddenly become their family and suddenly questions in this young minds arise. 
What will day 2 bring them? 

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Day 2 – Read about it here