European Football Academy

CoronaVirus advice for Parents

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There is a lot of information out there in these times of worry, and we hope you and your families all remain safe and healthy. We have already been implementing various measures at training to ensure players remain healthy. We do however stress, if you are feeling unwell or have recently developed a cough please do not come to practice, let your coach know privately and stay at home and get well.

We wanted to say we are monitoring the situation very closely and our players health is foremost in our minds. At this stage league matches are still being played for our teams, but there is a possibility this will be changed moving forward. We will keep you informed of this via the What’s App channels for your teams so please watch out fro this.

Recently the Government have released various recommendations on the coronavirus subject and wanted to provide an easy link to this. Please take the time to read this, as its well laid out and gives you valuable information.