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Scholarships for Talented Players
Cristiano Ronaldo Elite Camp
Scouting Opportunities
Player Representation (Footwork)
UEFA Qualified Coaches
Regular Training and Competition


Inconsistent Coaching

Have you noticed that inconsistent coaching affects your football development, causing varying training standards ?

Insufficient Opportunities

Are you struggling to find opportunities for high(er)-level play ultimately limiting your growth, hindering your development and improvement essential for your progress ?

"Socionomic" Barriers

Have you faced unaffordable fees, equipment, or travel costs, limiting your participation? Encountered discrimination or lack of inclusivity, impacting your motivation ?

Welcome to Our Open Football Trials

Ready to make your mark on the pitch? Join us for an electrifying football trial event where you can win a Scholarship to play in one of the most successful Football academies in London.


Moments of Excellence: Former Scholarship Players Moving Up

Our Football BENEFITS

Discover Opportunities, Develop Skills, Achieve Success

Scouting Opportunities

These are the clubs that have scouted our most notorious players in the past, that stood out playing for us.


Players compete in challenging leagues and tournaments, testing skills and measuring progress against top opponents.


Our best players are invited to join the elite camp, with scouting opportunities, at the SCP/Cristiano Ronaldo’s Academy.


Our training grounds are carefully selected to endure the harshest weather allowing our players to train without hiccups.

Expert Coaching

Personalised attention and feedback foster player growth with small coach-to-player ratios tailored to individual needs.

Football Scholarships

We award scholarships to the most promising players, developing well-rounded individuals to excel on and off the pitch.


Empowering Players, Elevating Careers: Your Success, Our Passion

Footwork Management Agency serves as a vital intermediary between players and the complex world of professional football. As partners, our best players are recommended to Footwork Management, that aims to act as a trusted representative for players, safeguarding their interests and advancing their careers in a highly competitive industry.

Academy Pricing

Open Trials Opportunities

Have you faced unaffordable fees, equipment, or travel costs, limiting your participation?
Our scholarship programme has been running for years supporting players from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Tier II
£ 31
86 Monthly
  • £37.5 joining fee (one off)*
  • Monthly Fee: £31.86 (75% disc.)
  • Weekly Sessions: Up to x3
  • Skill Development: Highest
  • Fitness & Conditioning: Highest
  • Match Play: League Games
  • Elite Camps: Ronaldo (Lisbon)**
  • Camp Discounts: 15%OFF
  • Representation Chances: Highest


Tier III
£ 63
75 Monthly
  • £75 joining fee (one off)*
  • Monthly fee: £63.75 (50% disc.)
  • Weekly Sessions: Up to x3
  • Skill Development: Very High
  • Fitness & Conditioning: Very High
  • Match Play: League Games
  • Elite Camps: Ronaldo (Lisbon)**
  • Camp Discounts: 10% OFF
  • Representation Chances: Higher


Tier IV
£ 95
63 Monthly
  • £112.5 joining fee (one off)*
  • Monthly Fee: £95.63 (25% disc.)
  • Weekly Sessions: Up to x3
  • Skill Development: High
  • Fitness & Conditioning: High
  • Match Play: League Games
  • Elite Camps: Ronaldo (Lisbon)**
  • Camp Discounts: 5% OFF
  • Representation Chances: High


Satisfaction that speaks

"The coaches are dedicated and nurturing, and their support, and emphasis on sportsmanship and mutual respect - both on and off the pitch - is especially important to me... His teammates have become his best friends, and the EFA like family..."
Kim B-L.
"I have been very impressed with how approachable all the coaches are. They think of players as individuals and the club is big enough to offer opportunities matching the level of ambition and work ethic each child has..."
Bradut A.
"My son joined EFA 4 years ago. He participates in training sessions and matches in addition to his school team... The EFA coaches are serious but welcoming and supportive. They reflect good values and sportsmanship..."
Gerry F.



Welcome to the Football Academy Highlights, your monthly update on all things football at our academy! Stay tuned for exciting news, key achievements, and upcoming events as we nurture the next generation of football stars.


Feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance. We’re here to help!

Bring your football gear (boots, shin guards, and appropriate clothing), water and a personal ID.

You can register online through this website by filling out the registration form and paying any applicable fees (£2,5). Confirmation details will be emailed to you.

Our coaches and scouts (if present) will evaluate players based on technical skills, tactical understanding, physical fitness, and overall attitude. Successful candidates will be notified within a week.

Yes, parents and guardians are welcome to watch the trial from designated areas. However, we ask them to refrain from interfering with the sessions.

Our trials are open to players of various age groups, typically ranging from U6 to U17 (players born between Sep 2006 and Aug 2018). Specific age group details can be found on this event page.